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I learned how to knit in the 80's when I was an exchange student in Coburg, Germany (and thus, I am primarily a continental knitter, although I've since learned to throw as well). Back then knitting wasn't very popular in the US, and all the yarn that was available to me was cheap acrylic or kitchen cotton. I knit quite a lot in college and then in grad school but then I moved on to other crafty things. I picked up knitting again many years later and quickly took it up as my primary creative outlet. It's the one thing I can pick up and drop at any moment (which I have to do, a lot now that I have kids!)

I'm a work at home mom to 3 beautiful children who are currently 12, 10, and 7. We live in Indianapolis. A few years ago we were really, really strapped for money and, especially because our middle daughter is autistic, I really did not feel like I could go back into the work force day shift. Day care for her alone is as much as I would make, and wouldn't be the same as being home to work with her.

I tried every way I could think of to make money, including selling soakers and longies to some people I knew from LLL and our local Attachment Parenting group. I looked into licensing other patterns, but just could never afford the money they wanted, so I came up with my own patterns (something I usually do anyway... I hardly ever follow a pattern the way you're supposed to!)

Eventually people started asking me for my patterns so I started writing them down, and now here we are... I'm a designer! The design side of the business has quickly outpaced the knitting side, which is ok with me. I still knit as much as I can but now I'm working on new ideas or knits for loved ones. And I started selling hand dyed yarns a few years ago, which has really taken over my days. I'm happy to be able to stay at home with my kids and still make ends meet while doing something I enjoy as much as knitting. It's not all wine and roses, but we make it work most days.

Thanks for dropping by. I really hope you enjoy this community we are building!


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