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These aren’t your mother’s cloth diapers

Put aside your preconceived notions about cloth diapers. Cloth diapering has come a long way.  New designs are inventive, adorable, and easy to use. 

When we picture cloth diapering, many of us conjure up images of huge, flat cloth squares that require multiple, origami-like folds that are held onto a squirmy baby with sharp metal pins and then covered with noisy plastic pants.  No wonder our mothers loved disposables!

Today's cloth diapers come with elastic, hook and loop tape, and snaps. They're as easy to use as a disposable diaper.  Covers too, come in lots of different modern styles. 

A wool soaker is basically a diaper cover made of wool.  I know, it's really hard to believe that a sweater can work as a diaper cover, but it really does!  Wool does not wick liquids the way that other fabrics do that you are used to.  So while it's not strictly waterproof (if you pour water on it, it will go through the holes) it will work as a waterproof cover, as long as the soaker fabric is thick enough so that the wet diaper doesn't come into direct contact with whatever is outside the diaper (like, your lap).  If the sweater is made of lace it won't work!

Why is wool better than PUL or other plastic covers?  Isn't wool hot?

My answer to this question is: have you ever spent a hot summer day under a plastic poncho?  Wool may be a great insulator, but wool also breathes.  Nothing is hotter than being wet and trapped in plastic.  Lots of moms find that their diaper rash problems clear up when they switch to wool.

Advantages of Wool

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